ASL Fluent Program Manager
Title:ASL Fluent Program Manager
Job Type:Non-exempt (hourly)
Salary Range:$16.32 to 17.32 per hour, DOE after 90 consecutive days of employment
Weekly Hours:40

Enriching jobs. Rewarding work. Amazing Benefits. $500 Sign-on Bonus after completing 90 days of employment. Get paid for every hour worked, including overtime.

Do you have experience building teams and helping people determine their own course in life? If so, IEI has a job for you. Five amazing people are seeking an experienced team-builder to help their support staff coordinate health appointments, as well as home and community based things to do. Such a manager will supervise approximately 15 staff, including a Medical Aid and an Assistant Program Manager. Supports mostly include basic physical and personal health assistance, and support with activities outside of their home. The position is paid hourly, including overtime, between $15.60 and $16.88 per hour depending on experience after 90 consecutive days of employment.

The Independent Environments, Inc. (IEI) program manager(s) are managerial staff members whose primary responsibilities are to work with the executive director (ED) to oversee operations and services at all IEI program sites and to supervise direct support professional staff. Program responsibilities shall include but not be limited to: Understanding and implementing Oregon Administrative Rules for 24-Hour Residential sites and Employment/Day Supports, analyzing program data, coordinating the creation and implementation of resident service plans including transportation and medical services, ensuring that direct support professional staff understand and follow policies and procedures of IEI, coordinate hiring, scheduling and training of direct support professional staff and communicate with all employees in ways that promote the smooth flow of operations. The program manager will also work in conjunction with the ED to coordinate the physical maintenance of program sites.

  • High School diploma or GED;
  • Five years experience working with adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities in residential, recreational, vocational or related areas. Minimum of two years experience working in a residential program, preferred.
  • Two years experience working in a supervisory capacity, preferred.
  • A valid driver’s license (except for overnight positions) and ability to pass a motor vehicle records check.
  • Fluent in American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Ability to read, write and comprehend American English
  • Ability to pass criminal/registry background checks.
  • Ability to pass and maintain required trainings such as CPR/First Aid, Medication Administration and Positive Behavior Support, etc.
  • Ability to use a computer and internet browser to complete job-related documentation.
  • Ability to push, pull, lift up to 50lbs.
  • Clear understanding (working knowledge) of Oregon Administrative Rules governing 24-Hour Residential for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.
  • Clear understanding (working knowledge) of the Core Competencies and ISP outcome measurement implementation strategies.
  • Ability to write and supervise the writing of ISPs.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with residents, parents and employees as well as ability to model positive communication techniques for residents.
  • Ability to motivate direct support professional staff and provide constructive criticism in ways that promote individual growth.
  • Ability to organize and prioritize numerous responsibilities as indicated by this job description.
  • Ability to collect and analyze data.
  • Knowledge of all emergency procedures.
  • Ability to set up and monitor resident record keeping such as Therap logs, medical files and other working files.
  • Willingness to be flexible and accommodate changes in resident and/or direct support professional staff routines and schedules.
  • Willingness to recruit direct support professional staff replacements or fill in for employees on short notice due to illness or scheduling difficulties.
  • Ability to participate in weekend on-call duties as per prearranged schedule with other program managers/supervisors.
  • Management Assistance:
    • Assist in the interviewing of new hires as requested by managers.
    • Assist in the site specific training of new hires and coordinate the training of core competencies with IEI program managers as requested.
    • Perform filing as necessary or requested by site manager.
    • Perform necessary aspects of ISP Coordinator’s responsibilities as negotiated with site manager.
    • Perform site specific cash box reconciliation daily and report to the administrative office in a timely fashion for weekly reconciliation.
    • Determine office hours with program manager, during which time the assistant manager should not be performing “on the floor” functions, except in the case of extreme need or emergencies.
    • Assist program manager in site specific projects as needed or requested, including computer processing.
    • Keep the site office clean, organized and secure.
    • Review MARs and medical protocols during on-floor duties. Advise direct support staff of errors. Report to management as necessary.
    • Share in “on call” responsibilities with other management support staff and managers. Be available as an emergency backup as needed.
    • Perform site specific staff scheduling.
    • Coordinate with program manager for contact with healthcare professionals, vendors and vocational providers.
  • Administration and Staff Supervision
    • Recruit, hire and coordinate the in-house training of direct support professional staff with assistance as needed by the ED.
    • Assist in the maintenance of personnel files for direct support professional staff.
    • Participate in personnel action(s) with assistance as needed by the Administrative Coordinator (AC) and ED.
    • Provide supportive direction to and coordinate external training to promote employee development, make recommendations to the ED regarding employee development issues.
    • Mediate grievances of employees by following established personnel grievance procedures. Communicate with the ED and/or program director.
    • Promote healthy communication among all staff. Exhibit leadership characteristics including modeling, motivational and inspirational strategies.
    • Ensure that employees are properly trained according to Core Competencies upon hiring and according to internal policies, including Oregon Administrative Rule guidelines, thereafter.
    • Review all ISP outcome data generated by employees and monitor direct support professional staff data collection systems for accuracy and training needs.
    • Regularly review medical data being generated by direct support professional staff for accuracy.
    • Be available to direct support professional staff as a resource person for information and problem solving.
    • Monitor employee entries of information in Therap.
    • Model appropriate adult interactions with residents for all employees.
    • Attend corporation meetings and other important gatherings of residents, staff, parents and board members to assist with good public relations.
    • Ensure that General Event Reports (GERs) are completed by employees and submitted in a timely manner.
    • Ensure compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules at program sites.
    • Complete Worker’s Compensation 801 forms as needed with injured employee(s) and within specified time lines.
    • Participate in site coordination of direct support professional staff scheduling.
    • Monitor and sign direct support professional staff time sheets.
    • Coordinate and schedule all vacation and time off requests for direct support professional staff and route requests to HR.
    • Work with the ED to establish and maintain working committees in the areas of medication management, food and nutrition, and safety.
    • Work with the ED and direct support professional staff to complete state licensing self-evaluations and corrective action plans.
  • Program Supervision
    • Coordinate medical contacts for residents at program sites; delegate and monitor as needed.
    • Oversee resident medical care implementation by working with management support staff and monitoring all aspects of medication management including but not limited to: Doctors' orders for follow-through; coordination with RN for purposes of monitoring delegations, medical care plans and quality control; employee training around medication policy and procedure; review and submission of MARs; medication disposal; balancing tests; regular doctor and dental visits for residents; and the accurate maintenance of medical files and immunization records for residents. 
    • Coordinate the implementation of Core Competencies training for direct support professional staff and OIS training for specified sites.
    • Work with staff to oversee the planning and implementation of all aspects of food and nutrition including the planning of menus, the purchasing of groceries in a cost-effective manner, and the adherence to specialized dietary requirements.
    • Oversee and monitor Therap Logs.
    • Respond to specific support needs of residents as indicated in ISPs or on a daily basis; delegate as appropriate.
    • Coordinate and monitor resident transportation needs; delegate as appropriate.
    • Oversee resident interpersonal problems in a respectful and unintrusive way. Be available to support direct support professional staff as a resource for these issues.
    • Coordinate the implementation of community and home-based resident activities.
    • Monitor program sites for compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules. Take remedial action as needed; delegate as necessary.
    • Work with the Safety Committee to help ensure that it meets monthly to monitor staff and resident safety issues.
    • Ensure that fire drills are scheduled and performed in compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules across program sites.
    • Perform direct service support tasks up to, but not to exceed, 30% of working hours.
  • Facility Maintenance
    • Ensure the maintenance of a clean and pleasing atmosphere in group homes and supported living sites. Coordinate repair expenditures with the ED. Delegate specific tasks as needed. Coordinate with Safety Committee.
    • Ensure the completion of routine house cleaning, laundry, carpet cleaning, extermination problems, etc., in program sites as needed. Delegate specific tasks as necessary.
    • Be alert for household problems such as leaking faucets, damaged appliances, electrical problems, etc. Take immediate steps to correct problems which present safety/health hazards and report to the ED and Safety Committee.
    • Monitor compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules in this area.
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